File-sharing and “lost” sales

Hey, I saw over on [Lawrence Lessig’s blog]:
a link to an [article]: about whether sales of music are actually down.

Fascinating. I knew there was something wrong with their numbers. With file-sharing, and especially internet radio, I’m exposed to a much greater variety of music than MTV, some ClearChannel radio, or strip-mall music store. Is it any surprise that I buy *more music I like* these days? Is it any surprise that almost all the music I buy these days was heard first in mp3 format? Is it any surprise that it has made me buy more music? You know, I think all this music sharing is *free marketing* and hey, with all honesty, with decreased population in peer-sharing-networks I see less music I like, and less artists whose CDs I want to buy. Oh well. I can play more video games, read more books, and (oh no!) blog more.

Anyway, you should read the article. And Lessig’s blog is a good one to add to your RSS subscriptions.

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