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A Toilet in Anime

Just for grins, have a look at this picture.

This combines the ideas from the post about Japanese toilets and the post about anime. This particular picture is from an anime called Bleach, and the toilet is located in the home of an otherwise typical (aside from the usual magical/spiritual superpowers) family with kids in middle school and high school. Note that the control pad which has buttons/switches, a dial, and even a display. The toilet “enhancer” also isn’t really built-in to the ceramic, but it still fits nicely. Also, note that the toilet seat itself has a cover, which, though probably not hygenic, provides a more cushy surface than the bare wood/plastic that most of us deal with. It’s really hard to tell if this particular seat is heated, but the seat cover is also a common way(according to other sources) to insulate against the shock of an icy cold seat.

Have a nice day. 🙂 Watch the Super Bowl or something.

Should I start an anime wiki?

I watch *way too much* anime. For the unitiated, “anime” denotes a specific form of Japanese animated video (read: cartoons). So, [Tom and Jerry]: ([another site]: ) isn’t anime, the [Powerpuff Girls]: show *influences* from anime, but [One Piece]: is anime (more precisely, it was made into an anime series, though it [appeared first in manga]: form ([on fox on saturdays]: )([synopsis at animenfo]:,731,cdbxop,one_piece.html )([a good fan site]: )). “Anime” used to be called “Japanimation” several years ago. People commonly prefer anime to other cartoons, which might follow from Japanese culture’s general acceptance of cartoons (print and video) as a medium to tell every sort of story.

Anyway, now that I’ve watched way, way, too much, I can see a lot of common threads and concepts in it, and I think I’d have fun writing them down. I love the [wiki concept]: in general, so it seems like a good fit. Some starter topics for this might be rivalry, forgiveness, friendship, overdramatization, super powers, or flashbacks. There’s a [page on everything2 about “anime cliches”]: that has a similar analysis, but I think I want it in wiki format. Still, since I don’t expect to have an active community to edit/contribute content or delete spam, I’ll probably restrict edits to myself.

Anyway, feel free to comment if you have any input. 🙂 I wonder if I’ll ever have time to set-up/maintain it.