John Titor

Am I the last person to hear about [John Titor?]: Anyway, I read it on my [brother’s blog,]:
and it really is an interesting read. Is it real? Is it fake? I’m so, so skeptical, but the whole thing speaks to me like a really engrossing science fiction novel. Have a look, it’s up online, and it’s fun to read the posts. If it’s a hoax, the perpetrator has been keeping the mouth shut pretty tight. Let me know if you find something conclusive.

Anyway, since this whole deal happened a few years ago, I feel like there’s this secret club of people who know what’s going on, who are up on the latest interesting things, and who never tell the likes of me. *sigh*


  1. You gave me a trackback too! =D

  2. Oh wait, did you? Ahhh the wordpress trackbacks/comments system is weird, and I don’t know how to see I’ve been trackbacked yet…

  3. No, I hold that distinction.