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Paul Graham’s “Good Bad Attitude”

Paul Graham writes a lot of awfully good essays. Here’s one about “hackers” and their opposition to copyright that I found quite good and thought-provoking. 🙂

Good Bad Attitude

Can I really support John Ashcroft?

John Ashcroft’s Justics Department supports some pretty scary legislation. Yes, this includes the Induce Act, and the [Piracy Deterrence and Education Act]: (linked for your convenience). Since I can’t directly vote Ashcroft in/out of office, perhaps this would mean voting for Kerry. Have a look at this article:

[Wired News: Ashcroft Vows Piracy Assault]:,1283,65331,00.html?tw=rss.TOP

Unfortunately, the picture isn’t so clear, since [both of them seem to say]: “we support copyright” equally vaguely. The RIAA seems to [contribute roughly equally to both sides]: though the TV/Movie/Music sector [seems to favor Democrats]: .

[Some guy]: seems to think we really should just consider educating the Republicans, since they’re supposed to support “less government,” “less regulation,” and “market determination.” Don’t forget to lobby your congressional reps, I suppose.

Please do vote. If you don’t like either of the two, vote for one of the smaller party’s candidates, so your dissenting voice can at least be counted.