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Instant chai

I am blessed to live in an area with a diverse population and an equally diverse selection of ethnic grocery stores.

Last night, I checked out Madras Grocery, where I was greeted with a vast array (to me at least) of Indian food products (and probably California produce). I ended up buying some Punjabi Mix (a snack mix made by Surati… I was venturing outside my comfort zone of haldirams), some ready-to-eat paneer dishes, and some instant chai.

Here’s a picture of the box of chai.

First experience with instant chai

First experience with instant chai

At $4 per box GeeBees Chai Gold Masala Sweetened pre-mix costs more than your basic tea sachets, but it’s actually pretty good. The ingredients list is refreshingly simple, from the perspective of an American resident used to synthetic food additives: milk powder, sugar, tea extract, ginger, black pepper, cardamom, and clove. And I see that it sells for $28/3 boxes online, shipping included.

I’m drinking it right now as I write code in my office. 🙂

If anyone has any recommendations on other chai brands I should try (there were a few represented at the store) or other Indian mass-market “delicacies” I should try (the Surati Punjabi mix is pretty good, and lives up to its “extra hot” subtext), do let me know! 🙂