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Anyone good with Ethereal?

A couple of months ago, our organization’s network was hit by… something. I couldn’t really tell if it was a DOS attack or “just” a rapidly spreading virus. All I knew was that my DHCP requests were barely getting through, and all other traffic seemed to be being dropped. The cheap ethernet switch I had its activity lights flickering faster than I had ever seen, and for all ports (broadcast packets?).

This made me pretty disgruntled with our network ops(shouldn’t this be stopped at the WAN router), but I didn’t think whining about it would do any good. So I fired up Knoppix, since it has Ethereal built-in, and I obviously didn’t have the connectivity to download a port of it otherwise.

Mind you, I’ve never used Ethereal before, but it seemed like a good chance to play with it. So I had it gather a couple of traces off the network. FYI, 30 second traces were weighing in at around 13MB, so, do the math, and you can get a feel for how much junk was coming through my 10Mbps link. Anyway, I didn’t make a whole lot of sense of it, but if anyone wants to take a peek at one of the traces and email/post-a-comment, s/he is welcome to it.

Download Ethereal trace (.zip)

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How to fold a dollar as a shirt

This is actually rather amusing.
[Origami for dollar bills]:

[The Shirt]: reminds me of the website I saw for [how-to-fold-a-shirt]: which was also rather fun, and useful, except that if I fold shirts my size like that, they take up more space in my drawers.

Anyway, there are other designs, like boots, bow ties, fans, gift boxes, and other objects of fancy, so you can impress people at parties. It might even be a neat way to tip your bartender or sushi chef. 🙂


(In case you’re wondering, I get a lot of random links like this from [The Morning News]: )