Money and the recording industry

Okay, really quick. I’m doing a little house cleaning for my vast, unorganized pile of data, and I came across this link:
[Follow the Money: Who’s Really Making the Dough?]:
It’s pretty interesting. Still, I don’t think it costs that much. I bet that 250k spent on marketing is internal billing from the record company’s own infrastructure, and the recording likewise. So. Yes, the artists aren’t making out all that well in a “normal” record deal, but really, I think there’s a highly tuned infrastructure in these record companies that is so used to spending money in a certain way, on certain things, etc. It’s really hard to change. So it seems best to use independent labels, where the recording and marketing costs can be much less. Recording equipment, anyway, should be much cheaper these days (or is industrialization just a pile of junk?).

Have a look at the article. Oh, and by the way, yes, I’m kind of disappointed that Rupert Murdoch decides what’s news, that record companies decide what’s recordable, and that Clear Channel and MTV decide what’s hip. I know, they all worked hard for their lucrative positions, but all I have to say is “power corrupts.”

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