Monthly Archives: October 2009

Fixing nautilus-open-terminal to revert to “t”

I was very, very annoyed that the 0.10 release of nautilus-open-terminal changed the accelerator from “t” to “e”, meaning that I could no longer right-click on my gnome desktop and press “t”.

Rather than unlearn years of muscle memory and learn to press “e” instead, I built my own version that reverts the change.

Here’s the fixed SRPM and RPM for Fedora 11 i586:
source: nautilus-open-terminal-0.13-2ac.fc11.src.rpm
binary: nautilus-open-terminal-0.13-2ac.fc11.i586.rpm

I know, the accelerator got changed to fix some bug that was filed against Ubuntu, but I don’t use “New Tab” (nor can I find it anywhere in nautilus). So I achieved victory by getting the source, changing a few lines, and rebuilding, since this is open source. Hooray!

Have a nice day.

(footnote: The problematic change was noted as: ‘Change “Open in Terminal” accelerator to “e”, for not conflicting with “New Tab”‘)

Versions for Fedora 12 (beta right now):
RPM: nautilus-open-terminal-0.17-4ac.fc12.i686.rpm
SRPM: nautilus-open-terminal-0.17-4ac.fc12.src.rpm