My, how I’ve grown… to be a spam target

Up until this point, I’ve considered my blog to have low enough traffic so as not to be very visible to spammers. As such, I’ve been content with being sent emails for each comment added, and manually deleting the spam comments and closing comments for old articles.

This has now changed. Perhaps it’s a sign of my blog’s maturity. This blog has become a spam target, garnering several spam comments per day from a single spammer ( feel free to send spam to that address, haha ).

So I went ahead and installed [MT-Blacklist]: . If you’re a MovableType user, you should seriously consider this nifty plugin. I was surprised how *ridiculously easy* it was to install, and the sheer power it afforded with such minimal effort. If you’re using version 2.x or feel that TypeKey is too restrictive on your audience, give MT-Blacklist a go. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before you get inundated with spam.


  1. Yeah, from what I hear (read), MT-Blacklist is the way to go for MT users, but for my WordPress blog, I use a cool plugin called Spam Karma.

    If you have a blog, there is no escaping spam…