John Paul II on flickr

I just read an [article about people’s camera-phone photos with the pope]: , and it occurred to me that I could search [flickr]: for those photos. Using Flickr’s tag search, yields a significant number of interesting photos (though not all are relevant).

Here are a few searches, linked for your convenience:

[Photos tagged with pope]:
[Photos tagged with johnpaulii]:
[Photos tagged with john paul]:
[Photos tagged with papa]:
[Photos tagged with wojtyla]:

If you find any more interesting tags, I’d greatly appreciate it if you would post them here.

You can [search Technorati for pope]: as well, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so the flickr search seemed more interesting.

For those of us following the events around John Paul II’s passing, these pictures can give us an extra glimpse into the atmosphere at the Vatican.

Peace be with all of you.


  1. Cool, but… your “Photos tagged by..” links are all broken. I noticed in the source, you have this:

  2. I meant to put in the HTML for it, but it was removed upon posting the comment, so you should take a look in the source yourself.

    By the way, I didn’t think of looking on flickr for photos of the pope! Good thinking.

  3. Yeah, that was an oversight when I was cutting and pasting. The links look okay now.