Tea is good

Mmm… if you’re looking for a good tea to try, give Lapsang Souchong a shot. It has a rather unique taste. I can’t really describe it. It’s a little smoky, kind of like a campfire, and has a sort of fragrant leather-like as well. It doesn’t taste like normal tea at all, which might explain why it doesn’t seem to be widely available. Anyway, my coworker Adil introduced it to me, and I liked it enough to buy my own 200g stash at a [tea shop]:http://store.tea-time.com/ . That was more than a year ago, and I had only brewed it a couple times since then. So tonight, I brewed myself a pot. Yum.

I have fond memories of drinking [Tippy Assam]:http://www.bettysbypost.com/ProductInfo.aspx?pid=RT1664(Tea+and+Coffee)&returnurl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.bettysbypost.com%2fCatProducts.aspx%3fcat%3d1886%2b125g%2bCaddies(Tea%2band%2bCoffee)%26page%3d2 , at [Betty’s Tea Room in York]:http://www.bettysandtaylors.co.uk/frame.asp . Yeah, I bought myself a tin of this too. Betty’s, by the way, is a great place to have afternoon tea (with scones and all!). Nowhere else was it as fun to say “I’ll have a Fat Rascal, please.” I saw Fat Rascal on the menu and said to myself, I *have* to get that. So I did. 🙂

Anyway, I have several other tea favorites, but I’ll save those for later. No, I don’t like Earl Grey, since it tastes like soap. Raise your hand if you agree. [Stash Tea]:http://shopstashtea.com/212070.html has an Earl Grey that’s less soapy, so it’s reasonably drinkable, but I can’t say I *like* it. Besides, all the other Earl Greys I’ve tried are practically undrinkably soapy, so maybe the Earl is just a soapy guy.

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