Should I start an anime wiki?

I watch *way too much* anime. For the unitiated, “anime” denotes a specific form of Japanese animated video (read: cartoons). So, [Tom and Jerry]: ([another site]: ) isn’t anime, the [Powerpuff Girls]: show *influences* from anime, but [One Piece]: is anime (more precisely, it was made into an anime series, though it [appeared first in manga]: form ([on fox on saturdays]: )([synopsis at animenfo]:,731,cdbxop,one_piece.html )([a good fan site]: )). “Anime” used to be called “Japanimation” several years ago. People commonly prefer anime to other cartoons, which might follow from Japanese culture’s general acceptance of cartoons (print and video) as a medium to tell every sort of story.

Anyway, now that I’ve watched way, way, too much, I can see a lot of common threads and concepts in it, and I think I’d have fun writing them down. I love the [wiki concept]: in general, so it seems like a good fit. Some starter topics for this might be rivalry, forgiveness, friendship, overdramatization, super powers, or flashbacks. There’s a [page on everything2 about “anime cliches”]: that has a similar analysis, but I think I want it in wiki format. Still, since I don’t expect to have an active community to edit/contribute content or delete spam, I’ll probably restrict edits to myself.

Anyway, feel free to comment if you have any input. 🙂 I wonder if I’ll ever have time to set-up/maintain it.

  1. Go ahead, if you have time! I’ll read it.

  2. The only Anime I really liked was Cowboy Bebop.

    I actually just bought a boxed set of Cowboy Bebop manga at the local Borders.

    Milo S.

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