Rent-a-coder does your homework?

I’m sure some of you have seen this before, but I’m a little astonished to see this sort of thing done so explicitly. I suppose there are websites for buying term papers and stuff, but this is new for me.

Have a look:
Rent A Coder – C Basic Sorted Array List

Basically a student is asking someone to do his/her homework, using a programming contracting site. I see that the request was cancelled– hopefully the student rethought the idea– but it’s dismaying that it was even posted. There’s even a link to the course assignment webpage. It might be a joke, but I know that if I were doing it as a joke, I’d put up something more elaborate, and inject some more outrageous or humorous bits into the description.

Is this sort of thing common? I sure hope not. I like having faith in humanity, thank you very much.

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