Blogs from Iraq

I’ve started checking out some blogs from Iraq. Here’s a few I found interesting…

[Citizen Smash]: blog about [Milblogs]:
[Magic in the Baghdad Cafe]: A Nurse stationed in the 21st CSH 8/2003 to 2/2004
[Bob Zangas]: Bob(RIP, sadly) worked in Public Affairs at the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq
[Baghdad Burning]: “Girl Blog from Iraq”
[by the rivers of babylon]: “making the most of my deployment to Iraq”
[where is raed]: Salam Pax: Iraqi from Baghdad (who? ask [slate,]: [guardian]:,2763,966819,00.html )
[turningtables]: a US soldier (returned in Sept 2003) also: [his photoblog]:
[Healing Iraq]: an Iraqi dentist


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