Typing or fretting

It just occurred to me that if you play the guitar and touch-type, you have slightly conflicting demands of your fingertips.  For guitar, you want your left (fretting) hand fingertips to have thickly calloused skin so that you can play longer without worrying about bruising from the strings.  If you play classical or fingerstyle, you probably want to have longer fingernails on your right (plucking) hand so you can get a sharper, clearer tone.

Yet for touch typing, it helps me to feel the keyboard, so I can find the positioning bumps on the home row and feel when I’m hitting keys at their edges so I can reposition.  Good tactile feedback and sense helps me adjust to differently-sized keyboards faster too.  Calloused fingertips don’t feel the keyboard well, and fingernails might even prevent your fingertips from touching keys.

hmpf. 🙂

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