MT3.0 licensing update

Yesterday, [SixApart announced]: a new pricing structure for MT3.0. It seems reasonable now. I fit under the free license, and I have the flexibility to add two more disjoint, non-overlapping blogs. If I want more, I can get unlimited blogs, and I’d be able to add four more authors for $70. $70 isn’t that cheap, but if I really had to have more than three blogs, and my friends/family didn’t want to install their own copies, I can see it in the realm of possibility.

$100 for a no-limit personal license. Nice to see that there’s a cap. $100 for a license that lets you do anything isn’t all that bad. And with inflation increasing, pretty soon a hundred bucks won’t be that much money anymore. hah.

They lost a whole lot of points with their initial pricing plan, but this one wins them a whole lot of customer service points. It’s nice that at least one software vendor is listening.

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