An optimistic view on outsourcing

Outsourcing is a source of anxiety for several people I know. It’s been a steady trend, and it’s been brought closer to the forefront, because a slow economy pushes for costcutting measures.

On [Reason]: there’s an article by Ted Balaker called [War Against the Machines: Why are protectionists endangering American jobs?]: . I’m not sure I buy all of the article, but it’s a good read, and thought-provoking anyway.

> Oh, you’re afraid of layoffs? Well, just make yourself more marketable. Oh, you just got out of a master’s program from a top university? Oh, then your company won’t be laying you off– you’re young and you’ve got current skills. What? Your company is laying off people like you? Hmmm… I’m not sure what to do about that…

I think the reality is that even real talent can get laid off. Sometimes a company just can’t afford to pay for the best when they only need some simple work done. Outsourcing and layoffs… I don’t think I’ve resolved the issue for myself yet.

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