What book/country are you?

I can’t believe I take these silly web quizzes… Still, they’re a reasonable distraction from work. I was curious about these, as they tell you what book you are or what country you are, while being a (shameless?) promotion for the author’s book.

Apparently, I’m /The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe/
by C.S. Lewis. The description says:

> You were just looking for some decent clothes when everything changed quite dramatically. For the better or for the worse, it is still hard to tell. Now it seems like winter will never end and you feel cursed. Soon there will be an epic struggle between two forces in your life and you are very concerned about a betrayal that could turn the balance. If this makes it sound like you’re re-enacting Christian theological events, that may or may not be coincidence. When in doubt, put your trust in zoo animals.

Curious? [Try the Book Quiz yourself]:http://bluepyramid.org/ia/bquiz.htm

As for country, I would’ve never guessed /Thailand/ !?

> Calmer and more staunchly independent than almost all those around you, you have a long history of rising above adversity. Recent adversity has led to questions about your sexual promiscuity and the threat of disease, but you still manage to attract a number of tourists and admirers. And despite any setbacks, you can really cook a good meal whenever it’s called for. Good enough to make people cry.

Here’s the link: [Take the Country Quiz]:http://bluepyramid.org/ia/cquiz.htm

I bet these quiz results make good icebreakers… “Hey, how’s it going? I heard you were Thailand– what’s up with that?”

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